In the last week I have gained a bunch of new followers, so I thought I would say ….


and thank you, also feel free to talk to me :D

My dads bringing Pizza for dinner tonight. I’m okay with this birthday dinner :D

i wanna know how many people are in the castle fandom. reblog if you are.


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If you don’t reblog this, then you hate Harry Potter.

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I have 800 followers.

This may not seem like a big deal but to me it is, I’m surprised I even got to 100 followers. But guys come and talk to me, I like making new friends. But I really wanna say is …

I been so bored that I have been making icons and icon gifs. Unsure if I should upload them or not :/

When something you post actually gets over 100notes in less then a week :D

Edit: Make that two posts :)

I am so fucking pissed off now. And I shouldn’t be because I get to see The Hunger Games in 12 hours argh.  Was suppose to see it.

I don’t think I will ever be satisfied with my tumblr, I am always changing it. I am finally happy with my Tags page, movies page but now the theme is bugging me. Why can I not find one that I would keep. Argh it is like I have OCD (or what ever the disorder is called) for my tumblr.