Who wants to be famous for that?

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"I was never a prefect myself. My Head of House said I lacked certain necessary qualities. Like the ability to behave myself."

I wondered when I’d be seeing you, Mr. Potter. It seems only yesterday that your mother and father were in here buying their first wands.

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Harry Potter Q&A: Reblog with your own answers

Your house: Slytherin.
Your favourite character from the trio:
Three other favourite characters: Sirius, Luna and Ginny.
Least favourite character: Umbridge,
Favourite book: Prisoner of Azkaban.
One favourite moment: Sassy Harry moments, and any moments with Luna.
How you were introduced to the series: I had just turned 7 and after my had died I picked it up to get away from everything and then fell in love.
What would your favourite lessons be?:  DADA or maybe potions.
Which hallow would you take?:  The cloak :)
Which character are you most like?: A mixture of Ron, Ginny and Luna :)
Three spells you’d like to be able to perform: Accio, Lumos and Silencio
Would you have entered your name in the Goblet of Fire?: Yeah, i’ll try anything at least once.
Would you have played Quidditch?: Hell yes I would.
What form would your Patronus take?: I would have a Wolf patronus
What would be your profession in the Wizarding World?: A quidditch player or just owning a wizard bar or something.

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Last Lines; Harry Potter books

“Are you planning to follow a career in Magical Law, Miss Granger?” asked Scrimgeour.
“No, I’m not,” retorted Hermione. “I’m hoping to do some good in the world!” 

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msdanconia asked: SLYTHERIN or HUFFLPUFF
Or perhaps in Slytherin. You’ll make your real friends, those cunning folk use any means to achieve their ends.” 
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"Your mother died to save you. If there is one thing Voldemort cannot understand, it is love. He didn’t realize that love as powerful as your mother’s for you leaves its own mark. Not a scar, no visible sign…to have been loved so deeply, even though the person who loved us is gone, will give us some protection forever. It is in your very skin.

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Dumbledore’s Army, 5-10-1995
“Working hard is important, but there’s something else that’s even more important: believing in yourself. Look at it this way: every great wizard in history has started out as nothing more than we are now - students. If they can do it, why not us?”